Asociación González Goyri para la cultura

Gonzalez Goyri Association for Culture is a non-profit civil association, which was founded in 2012, by family members and friends of the maestro Roberto González Goyri who always expressed his deep love for Guatemala. For this reason, he left a series of works of his own with the main objective that the preservation of these would be for the appreciation and enjoyment of all Guatemalans and foreign citizens.


Its purpose is to ensure the conservation, valuation, promotion and dissemination of the work of the maestro González Goyri, as well as other  artists from Guatemala.


The Gonzalez Goyri Association contributes to the development of culture, education and promotion of the national cultural heritage through the various modern and contemporary artistic expressions.


In order to enrich Guatemala's cultural heritage, the maestro left a collection of 50 pieces, including 19 paintings, pre-sketches for mural projects and drawings, 16 pencil sketches, a series of 14 paintings inspired by the poems of Humberto A'kabal and the Jaguar silkscreen print that belongs to the series mentioned before. They are owned by the Gonzalez Goyri Association for Culture.

The Association assumes the fundamental task of preserving and disseminating this valuable heritage, which is why an agreement was made with the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (UVG), for the custody and exhibition of the legacy in the facilities of the Innovation and Technology Center (CIT), located in zone 15 of the city, where those interested can visit to appreciate the works.

Activities Performed by the Association

  • Organizes meetings, courses, seminars, symposia, workshops and events related to education and culture.
  • Formulates and implements projects to promote the socio-cultural development of the country.
  • Conducts research in the cultural and artistic field, in order to know, evaluate and propose strategies in the field of cultural policy.